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 Regarding recent controversy

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PostSubject: Regarding recent controversy   Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:55 pm

I posted this on our Facebook and Twitter but want to add it here so as to keep it visible as it will always be relevant.

I also want to make a point of adding that in regards to Jared's comment during the vv about making MARSX VIP only tickets "because those are the people who really care", I believe that what he meant by that was he feels that since it is old footage not as many people will be interested in seeing it, therefore, to cover the costs and make a profit, it would need to be more expensive. Less tickets equals higher price. It was merely a business idea and not at all an insult to echelon who cannot afford VIP. I feel some people forget that he often just thinks out loud during vv's without first having thought something through or checked to see if he can even do it..

After all, the man is human.
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Regarding recent controversy
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